March 2011

An informal meeting of the Southern Nevada producers from Las Vegas, Logandale, Pahrump and Caliente was held on Monday March 7th, 2011 at 1:00pm. Those in the Las Vegas area gathered at the Lifelong Learning Center at 8050 Paradise Road, while attendees in other locations were connected via a video link. After Horticulture Specialist Bob Morris called the meeting to order, the first item on the agenda was a progress report from Doug Taylor about the status of the Molto Vegas Farmers Market.

Doug spread the good news that after the hiatus of the past few weeks, the market should be open for business once again by next week. A new business license was approved on Friday and only two signatures were needed to complete the paperwork. Taylor remarked that they received approximately 900 Letters of Justification from residents supporting the market who want to continue shopping there for locally grown food. Following the filing of a complaint in Clark County alleging that the venue had no business license many meetings and discussions took place while operations were suspended. While there was already a valid business license in place for the warehouse location, a secondary license was issued and new procedures have been implemented. Although it was rough going in the beginning, Doug said that officials became very supportive through the rest of the process. Based on the size of their farms and how much business they do, vendors will have to determine whether or not they need to obtain an individual Clark County business license and if they don’t fit the criteria for one they will need to provide a letter stating why they are exempt. General liability Insurance will also be required and in some instances so might a current agriculture permit.

A list of licensing rules and exemptions is being prepared and will be provided to vendors so they will be able to determine the type of paperwork they need. Some of the factors that need to be considered include the amount of income a producer derives and if the crops produced are turned into food items. The insurance can be added to a grower’s existing certificate in the form of a rider costing approximately $75.00 a year that specifically covers attendance at Famers Markets. Additional information about insurance, statutes in the NRS code, business licenses and health permits will soon be available courtesy of Doug and Laura from Quail Hallow Farm.

The next topic of discussion came from producers in Caliente discussing the For Profit Producer Coop they are forming in Lincoln County, which is the 1st and only for profit cooperative currently existing in Nevada. The driving force behind their decision to start the Coop was qualifying for a state grant from the state related to value added processing that required the group to form an entity in order to accept the funds. As a result they began the long process of meeting regularly, getting to know one another’s business goals and circumstances and developing a course of action. They want to use the grant to focus on marketing and getting their produce to Las Vegas at a higher profit margin, while still maintaining their individual identities. They have been working on the plan for nearly a year now and have drafted articles of incorporation and bylaws in order to start a corporation with the Cooperative’s next vote determining if they will move ahead in that direction. After listening to their story, it was agreed upon by the attendees to establish a way of sharing grant and incentive information that is available for coops, minorities, disadvantaged farmers and other qualified applicants.

Bruce Nielsen from Prime Color Growers in Sandy Valley spoke next about his greenhouses and growing potted vegetables. He shared suggestions about soil, cooling systems and other components and several attendees voiced their desire to pay Bruce a visit and view his operation first hand.

Before the meeting adjourned many gave their opinions about what needs to be done to help producers in 2011 and shared what did and didn’t work for them in 2010. Some of the people mentioned as resources were David Foster in Las Vegas, who has expertise in the area of grants and Gary Leonard, a 30 year veteran familiar with soil, greenhouses, fans, structures and various other supplies. The challenge of pest control was addressed with the use of pyganic being recommended in this area. Finally, the advantages of joining the Nevada Grown organization finished up the conversation. Presenting produce using their orange twist ties have worked well for marketing and there are also reasonably priced bags and banners available. Best of all, there is no cost to become a member.

Based on the success of this meeting, more will be scheduled in the future and systems are being put in place to distribute the information to producers and farmers who are unable to attend.

A Meeting of Southern Nevada Producers
Monday, March 7, 2011
1 – 4 PM
UNCE Classrooms
8500 Paradice Road, Classroom ‘A’
Las Vegas, NV

An informal meeting for southern Nevada producers is scheduled from 1 to 4 pm on Monday, March 7, at the UNCE classrooms (Lifelong Learning Center) 8050 Paradise Road, Classroom A. If producers from the Logandale, Pahrump and Caliente area cannot make it to this meeting please check with your local Extension office to see if we can do a video link. We are set up for it in Las Vegas but needs to be connected in the rural offices for it to work.


  • What is going on with the Molto Vegas Farmers Market?

  • What worked in 2010?

  • What didn’t work in 2010?

  • What are we hoping will work in 2011?

  • For Profit Producer Coop Forming in Lincoln County

  • Available grants, conferences and assistance.

  • What needs to be done to help producers in 2011.


The Lifelong Learning Center is located near the intersection of CC-215 and Windmill, just south of the airport. Take the Windmill exit and turn West. Turn right or south on Paradise to enter the UNCE Lifelong Learning Center parking lot. Proceed to the main entrance.

Bob Morris and Doug Taylor



This was also sent to me from quail hallow farm, thank you Laura !


NRS 268.093  Farmers’ markets: Responsibilities of licensee; unlawful acts.

      1.  The person licensed by the city council or other governing body of an incorporated city to establish a farmers’ market is:

      (a) Responsible for the collection of any taxes required pursuant to chapters 372, 374 and 377 of NRS.

      (b) An employer as defined in NRS 616A.230 for the purpose of providing coverage under the Nevada Industrial Insurance Act.

      2.  A person who sells farm products within the farmers’ market is not required to be licensed.

      3.  It is unlawful for any person to sell, within the farmers’ market, any product which is not a farm product.

      (Added to NRS by 1975, 1204; A 1987, 1712)

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