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About Dice Tomatoes:  In Support of Sustainable Food and Bet On The Farm

Large home builders like Del Web/Pulte have created eye dropping residential and commercial communities on what just a few years ago was Southern Nevada desert.  But before selling and opening these amazing sites to the public a lot of infrastructure had to be built.  Roads, sewers, water, electricity, cable, it all had to be created from scratch.

Like a builder, Dice Tomatoes is in the business of building a virtural community of people and businesses with shared values that support the concept of sustainable food in Southern Nevada.

And, like Del Webb/Pulte, we must start by creating the infrastructure to support our community.  We using only the best and most reliable vendors and technoloy suppliers and new media consultants.  Our radio equipment is commercial broadcast quality resulting in an audio experience that meets or exceeds and terrestrial broadcast (AM or FM).

Members of our communities and all the stakeholders will have a voice,  and access to a radio show, a face to be seen on video, words they or we can blog, all supported by social networking, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

A project like our requires support and we’re please to have the sponsorship of La Voce, the Italian American Newspaper in Las Vegas that is embracing this movement and Dice Tomatoes.

Projects like this take time, but our radio shows are now broadcasting, our blogging is up, and La Voce is allowing us a full page each month to support sustainable food, with the first edition to hit the stands in February 2011.  Facebook and Twitter should go on-line in late January.

Our experience would suggest that we will have thousands connecting with Dice Tomatoes.  And if the trend continues we expect that in addition to having a local and regional audience that very shortly our voice will be heard and our words read around the globe.  We’ll keep reporting back on this as it is perhaps the most graphic demonstration of the power of the Internet.

The blueprints used to create this virtual community are the ideas, hopes and dreams of the people who are most responsible for it’s creation…the producers.  It is amazing what is coming out of the ground, fresh from the fields of their ranches and farms, directly to southern Nevada homes and restaurants.

We will do our best to support all stakeholders.

Come by and meet us each Thursday at Bet On The Farm.

John Donovan
General Manager
Dice Tomatoes