Bloomin’ Desert Herb Farm

Welcome to our Farm. Since 1997, Bloomin’ Desert Herb Farm has thrived as an oasis in the desert of Las Vegas. Hard to believe? The proof is in the beauty, flavor and potency of over 50 organically grown culinary and medicinal herbs raised there. The fact is that the desert and growing herbs are very compatible. Owners Randy and Rosalind Gibson have each been gardeners for over 30 years. Randy is a contractor and garden designer, with his current interest being in the construction of hoop houses modified for the home gardener to grow year around and get shade from the sun. Rosalind focuses on the ‘growing to ready to use’ aspect with over 30 years experience in the application of culinary and medicinal herbs. She developed a wide variety of teas for health support and pleasure as well as a seasoning collection that brings flavor and health benefits to food. Customers can choose from a wide variety of seasonal products and gifts made from them.

Healthful living improves one’s quality of life now and for the future. It is the mission of Bloomin’ Desert Herb Farm to grow quality organic produce, educate others about the benefits of herbs and healthy living, and share ideas, energy and support as an integral part of the local sustainable agricultural movement.

Visitors are welcome at BDHF (Call 301-8996) or ‘see and smell’ what the Farm has to offer at Bet on the Farm each Thursday. See what is going on at BDHF by liking us on Face book or through- email


Bloomin’ Desert Herb Farm – An English Garden In The Southern Nevada Desert

Dice Tomatoes exists to support those individuals who are doing what most thought impossible; create a Southern Nevada sustainable food network in the heart of one of the hottest and driest deserts on the planet.

Today’s Dice Tomatoes radio show features Rosalind and Randy Gibson, owner operators of Bloom’n Desert Herb Farm an urban farm right in middle of an upscale residential community in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas.

When I turned the corner and headed down their street I immediately understood that I wouldn’t need to search for their home. It was the only one on the block that looked like it belonged more in the English countryside than the Southern Nevada desert. Adjectives just don’t seem to be appropriate in describing the front of their home and what I would soon find in the backyard.

The Gibson’s grow edible organic herbs, many medicinal, supply local restaurants that support ‘fresh-from-the-field products, and are known to a host of raving fans who purchase their beautiful bounty from local farmers markets.

Bob Morris, University of Nevada Cooperative Exchange, is known for saying that anything can grow here….if, and there’s always and if, if you have the resources.

Listen in to this interesting interview with these warm and remarkeble people and find out what resources they’ve had to invest to create an English garden in the heart of the desert.

This is wonderful.

John Donovan
General Manager
Dice Tomatoes

 Photo Credit: Costellophoto Las Vegas (Don Parnall ) 

One of the many benefits of supporting sustainable food and buying field fresh product from Bet On The Farm farmers market is getting to know the people whose product will end up on your family table or served at the best restaurants in Vegas. 

Rosalind and Randy Gibson, owners of Bloomin’ Desert Herb Farm in Henderson, Nevada, produce a beautiful mix of culinary and medicinal herbs and teas and also wreaths, gift baskets and even provide garden design services.

Their story, like so many other producers, is fascinating. 

Rosalind is a former high school principal, so you’re sure to learn something from her interview during our inaugural broadcast from Bet On The Farm farmers market. 

These are two great people who are committed to bringing sustainable food to Southern Nevada.