Hy-Desert Produce

Hy-Desert Produce

A producer of high quality hydroponically grown tomatoes in Pahrump, Nevada, providing Las Vegas Chefs and residents with a year round supply of great tasting tomatoes including, Heirloom, Jumbo Cherry, Mr. Stripey, Romas and Canestrinos.

Contact Information:

Brian M. Andy
1650 W. Jarvis Road
Pahrump, NV 89060
Cell: 702-809-2803


There’s nothing going on down there.

At least that’s what I thought having flown in to Vegas from the Bay Area for years. I would look out the plane’s window just a few minutes before crossing over the Spring Mountains just south of Mr. Charleston, see a small population center apparently miles from Vegas, and just think….man, there’s nothing going on down there.

‘Down there,’ I would later find after moving to Henderson, NV, about four years ago, is Pahrump, NV. And, yes, there is a lot on going there. That high desert is home for many of our regular Bet On The Farm producers including the guest on this segment of Dice Tomatoes, Brian Andy of Hy-Desert Produce.

Brian raises tomatoes, many different variety of great tasting tomatoes. Currently he’s growing Heirloom, Jumbo Cherry, Mr. Stirpey, Romas, and Canestrinos.

I seem to never fail to learn something new from each of our interviews with our wonderful local producers and this segment is sure no exception.

If you don’t know your F1’s from your F2’s, this segment is for you.

Listen and meet Brian Andy, a great guy, and one of many dedicated producers who are helping us build a sustainable food program right here, in the middle of the desert.