Quail Hollow Farms – Moapa, Nevada

With limited farming experience, but with an intense desire to produce quality, nutritious food for our family and friends we started a small CSA in 2006. Knowing that our few shareholders were depending on us to produce quality vegetables throughout the season motivated us to stick to it even in the 118 degree heat of our intense summers. With a few knowledgeable local farmers as mentors, a lot of study and just plain hard work our small farm began to flourish. There have been many frustrating and discouraging times, no doubt. The learning process is not always kind, but we have grown from each experience and have come out better for it. To add to the difficult times have been many wonderful, even miraculous experiences which we will always treasure. What a journey this is! We are now beginning our fifth year and have since added to our garden many small farm animals with barn and pasture, an orchard, vineyard, greenhouse, and apiary.

From The Farm To The Fork

Friday, October 21st 2011
5:30 pm Hors D’oeuvres Served
6:00 pm Seated at Dinner (Sunset)

By bringing the table to the farm we want to reconnect our guests to the land and the origin of their food and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate the local bounty that we enjoy here in the Moapa Valley. It’s not every day one has the privilege to sit next to the person who planted the beans, raised the beef, shaped the cheese, or who milked the cow that was the source of that luscious cream on your plate.

After a tour of the farm, dinner will be served family style (or farm style). The menu will be dictated by what we freshly harvest from our farm and other local small family farms.

Join us for an amazing dining experience. The sun will set. Candles and a fire will be lit. You will enjoy live music (Bach under the stars), a magical atmosphere, great company and incredible food with a mileage footprint of 5 feet!

 $75 per individual, $125 per couple
(Current QHF Shareholders $65 per individual, $100 per couple!)
Wine pairing: (optional) $25 per individual, $40 per couple

Our farm is located in the Logandale/Overton area, home of the Clark County fair. We will send driving directions upon receipt of payment.

Make your reservations by clicking on the link below now before our table is full!


Dice Tomatoes – What Is (CSA) Community Supported Agriculture?

During this interview with Laura Bledsoe, owner of Quail Valley Farms, located in the green lush Moapa Valley, only an hours drive north of Las Vegas, we discuss a wide range of topics including her thoughts about what food, natural food use to taste like, what’s happened, and how our movement here in Southern Nevada, and others around the country are making it possible for us to return to eating a peach or tomato that actually tastes like nature intended.

So what is CSA, Community Supported Agriculture?  Well, it started in Japan, and you’ll just have to listen to Laura explain how a fresh basket of her farms wonderful products reach the tables of Las Vegas residents each week.  This is really wonderful.

Listen in, and Laura’s passion and love the earth, like so many of her Southern Nevada counterparts, will win you over and you’ll look forward to hearing more from her right here, on Dice Tomatoes Radio.

004 Sustainable Food: A Visit To Quail Hollow Farms, Moapa Valley, Nevada

December 10, 2010
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Quail Hollow Farms Moapa Valley, Nevada The contrast is striking.  In less than an hour I find myself in a Norman Rockwell like setting in a beautiful green valley nourished by a nearby river on a farm that’s producing an abundance of organic products.  Around me are the most laid back assortment of wonderful farm animals that […]

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