065 Dice Tomatoes:  Las Vegas Farmer’s Market Debuts At Springs Preserve

It’s like riding a bicycle.

After a nine month hiatus, Doug Taylor and his Bet On The Farm Farmers Market reopened at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve on Thursday, December 1, 2011, and everyone just picked up like it was yesterday and carried on.

As a consumer, I’m pleased to see an abundance of fine California products from Kerry Clasby’s California Family Farms, Priscilla Van Dyke, Joe Van Dyke Farms, and others.

Our local producers have made wonderful progress and are offering more quantify and variety of great fruits and vegetables.  They’ve also learned a lesson or two on how to better market their offerings by improving their signage and creating eye popping arrangements.

It a word…it’s wonderful.

During this Dice Tomatoes interview with Doug we talk a little about the past but we focus on the new market and all that it has to offer local chefs and our Las Vegas community.

No one can predict the future, but if word of mouth takes off like it did at the old Dean Martin location, the Springs could be a weekly destination for a couple of thousand Las Vegans all demanding the best possible high quality products.

Thanks to all the producers for making this and all of our growing number of farmers markets possible.

If you haven’t been to the Springs, it’s across from Meadows mall, but I would suggest checking out a Google Map to get the best directions.  It’s open on Thursday’s between 10 – 1 PM.

John Donovan
General Manager
Dice Tomatoes


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